Xerox DocuColor 260 ديجيتال

ماكينات طباعة ديجيتال الوان


50000 جنيه

There is a clear need for high-quality yet affordable digital color whether you’re in the graphic arts and design community, a corporate environment or serve a wide variety of customers. With the Xerox DocuColor 260 Digital Color Printer/Copier, we offer three light-production printers that make production color printing easy, affordable and professional with outstanding image quality, a choice of print speeds, a choice of feeding capabilities and the ability to handle a wide range of media sizes and weights. Plus, a choice of five color servers for sophisticated color control and document management. On top of all that, with Xerox DocuColor 260 you get a choice of inline finishing capabilities including a booklet maker. The result is a total, customized solution for your environment.The layout of the full-panel color touch screen has been designed with ease-of-use in mind.It is intuitive and easy to use, enabling even inexperienced users to understand its functionality at a glance and get more jobs through the shop.This feature is very important for copy and print accountability.You no longer have to manually batch jobs; multi-job queuing lets you promote and delete at the simple touch of a button. Along every step of the way, you can count on affordable color, 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution, a wide range of media choices, superb color management tools, and productive feeding and finishing options.

السرعة 60 ورقة فى الدقيقة
دقة الطباعة 2400x2400 dpi
عدد النسخ الممكن انتاجها بضغطة واحدة 9999
التكبير و التصغير من 25% إلى 400% ( الزيادة و النقص بـ 1% )
مقاس الورق - وزن الورق من A5 إلى +A3 مقاس 33سم * 48 سم - وزن الورق : من 64 إلى 300 جرام - عادى و كوشيه
الذاكرة رام 512 ميجا + هارد ديسك 80 جيجا
وزن الحبر - معدل الحبر 4 لون :- الأسود وزنه 780 جرام و معدله 30000 ورقة لتغطية 5% - و الأزرق و الأحمر و الأصفر : وزن كل منها 737جرام و معدله 34000 ورقة لتغطية 5%
حجم التصوير الشهرى 60000 ورقة
أبعاد الألة 1,574x787x1,460 mm
مواصفات أخرى طباعة + سكانر + شبكة
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