Ricoh MP 4055 جديد

ماكينات تصوير مستندات ابيض واسود


55000 جنيه

Turn the everyday into an easy day There are no easy answers. But at least there’s an easy way to share the answers you have. Use the RICOH® MP 4055 to simplify everyday office tasks and move information to the people who need it most, in the format they prefer. Print and copy important business-class presentations and proposals and choose between multiple internal and external finishers for a professional, polished look. Scan full-color images, brochures and other forms and distribute them instantly. With the same pinch-and-flick and scrolling gestures you use on your smartphone or tablet, you can access critical information, set shortcuts and distribute information from the advanced 10.1"-wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel. Or, connect remotely and work on the go. Take advantage of advanced security controls to help protect your data wherever it goes, from wherever you are. • Print up to 40 prints/copies per minute for productive black-and-white output • Use intuitive touchscreen controls to copy, print, scan and fax quickly • Create your own workflows with shortcuts to simplify tasks • Access, print and distribute information from your personal mobile device • Minimize energy costs via a wide range of innovative eco-friendly features • Produce professional-looking saddle-stitched and punched booklets, presentations and proposals • Simplify sorting and stapling tasks with compact internal and high-output external finishers • Toggle between stapled or stapleless finishing automatically with an external hybrid 1,000-sheet finisher

السرعة 40 ورقة فى الدقيقة
دقة الطباعة dpi 1200X1200
عدد النسخ الممكن انتاجها بضغطة واحدة 999
التكبير و التصغير من 25% إلى 400% ( الزيادة و النقص بـ 1% )
مقاس الورق - وزن الورق من A5 و A4 إلى A3 - وزن الورق : من 52 إلى 300 جرام/م2
الذاكرة رام 2 جيجا + هارد ديسك 320 جيجا
أبعاد الألة 587x684x963 مم
وزن الألة 76.5 كجم
مواصفات أخرى طابعة شبكة + سكانر ، فاكس (اختيارى)
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