Oce PlotWave 365 جديد

ماكينات لوحات هندسية ابيض واسود


360000 جنيه

Large format printers designed for pure CAD and pure focus in the manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction industries 

The Océ PlotWave 365 black and white printers or multifunctionals produce great looking all-weatherproof technical documents securely, cost-eectively and simply, allowing users to stay focused on their work

 Professional output, including copying and scanning thanks to Océ image Logic 

Superior quality with 600 dpi x 1200 dpi pico-technology for sharp details and smooth grey areas 

 Excellent large format print eciency, consistently producing up to 6 A1/D-size sheets per minute 

 Enhanced productivity with instant startup and print and more powerful controller 

 Increased flexibility with printing to and from cloud systems, USB sticks, mobile devices 

 Simple to use with the best-in-class Océ ClearConnect multi-touch user interface, now with uniFLOW 

 Productive colour scanning, using new scan templates 

 Improved security through FIPS compliant features and disk encryption 

 Environmentally sensitive features such as energy efficiency and super low ozone emissions

السرعة 3 متر فى الدقيقة
دقة الطباعة dpi 600x1200
التكبير و التصغير من 10% إلى 1000%
مقاس الورق - وزن الورق من A3 إلى A0 وزن 60 الى 110 جرام - ورق عادى و شفاف و فلورسنت و ملون و بوليستر و فيليوم
الذاكرة رام 4 جيجا + هارد ديسك 500 جيجا
أبعاد الألة 1527x803x1495 مم
وزن الألة 240 كجم
مواصفات أخرى تصوير + طباعة + سكانر + شبكة
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