HP Indigo 7900 Press

ماكينات طباعة ديجيتال الوان


8600000 جنيه

The freedom to do more
The HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press is the market-leading SRA3+ format digital sheetfed press,
keeping you a step ahead with major innovations in print quality, intelligent automation and
media versatility to reach the highest levels of productivity. Distinct printing capabilities
enable the widest range of digital applications.
The leader in print quality and colour
Enabled by HP Indigo’s liquid ElectroInk technology and unique digital
offset process,
HP Indigo digital prints are the highest quality. Using dozens of software and hardware
innovations, the press delivers the smoothest and sharpest prints in the industry, matching
or even exceeding offset quality. HP Indigo ElectroInk has the widest digital colour gamut, in
addition to special inks, using up to 7 ink stations on press. A 5th ink station is standard.
Unlimited versatility for any application
Meet any customer request faster than ever. On-press priming enables printing on virtually
any paper for new production possibilities. Produce applications that stand out with special
effects and unique inks. One Shot technology prints on specialty substrates including canvas,
synthetics, lenticular, and metallised media. HP SmartStream Mosaic produces millions of oneof-
a-kind products using variable design technology.
High productivity
Print in colour at up to 160 ppm for more than 5 million colour pages every month.
Sophisticated colour automation ensures standard-matching colour accuracy and consistency
saving time and costs. An on-press production assistant ensures non-stop printing. Benefit
from the industry’s most scalable and powerful print server.

السرعة 160 ورقة فى الدقيقة
دقة الطباعة dpi 2438x2438
مقاس الورق - وزن الورق مقاس ربع فرخ : 48X33 سم ، وزن الورق : يصل إلى 400 جرام/م2
أبعاد الألة 5443X2298X2104 مم
وزن الألة 3300 كجم
مواصفات أخرى ألوان اختيارية : موف - أبيض - شفاف(لميع) - أخضر - برتقالي
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