Riso sf5230

ماكينات طباعة تصويرية


90000 جنيه

Introducing the SF series, the all-new global brand that meets all kinds of user needs Employed in over 180 countries and regions, RISO has been successfully meeting all user needs by constantly listening to the feedback from our customers in order to continually improve our products. The SF series is an important milestone and a masterpiece of our ceaseless innovation. With the fastest speed in its class plus the superior operability and print quality, the SF series ushers you into a higher dimension of printing.

السرعة 130 ورقة فى الدقيقة
دقة الطباعة dpi 600x600
التكبير و التصغير من 50% إلى 200%
مقاس الورق - وزن الورق حتى مقاس B4 - وزن الورق من 46 إلى 157 جرام/م2
أبعاد الألة 1,305×1,215×1,115 مم
وزن الألة 132 كجم
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